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System Trade

Recently in Japan gradually the word system trade began to flutter.

Do you know system trade?
In short, using past analysis data verified by Excel and commercial software,
Automated trading in a non-discretional manner in accordance with certain rules is called system trade.
In the United States than traditional methods introduced in Japan, it is a trading method that has been highly used and gained high evaluation, depending on work and private
For busy people who can not trade on the desk and can not trade it can be said that it is exactly a trading style.

What should be the most important in the stock and exchange trading world?
Fundamental or technical or luck, timing?
None of them are certainly mandatory. But all of them are not necessarily
It does not guarantee to keep permanently surviving in the market world.
Because I lacked a certain element, I went to see the rotten traders who fell down to heaven from heaven at once in a fall.

So what is that element that is indispensable for continuing to survive successfully in that world?
It is the ability to control emotions.
If this is missing, there is a possibility that it will be losing 2 million at a stretch at the next day where it got one million points the day before.
I think that if you are actually doing a trade of what is actually you can understand the psychology of that neighborhood, what do you think?

However, unfortunately it is not made as flexible as it can be easily operated by thinking that people’s emotions will be controlled.
Even though I know it is a risky thing, if there is an attraction of enchantment in front of us, it is a creature that stretches out his hands right, is not it human?
In short, it is that there is nothing dangerous and unreliable as the actions at the discretion of the person.

Losing to buy, losing if you buy and losing repeatedly Although the winning percentage is good, the actual amount has drastically overcome.
I think that there are quite a few.
For those who like it, the discretionary trade may not be well suited.
Perhaps it is being swallowed by his own emotions, greed and trade with about a belief.
Please think about putting your hand on your chest once this time.

Or you might use a system trade as a hand.
Soft software that has undergone an excellent verification in respect of reliability and validity, there is no room for this feeling to enter, depending on the situation of the market mechanically
We will properly buy and sell properly at the very point programmed in advance.
If you can not easily settle at the point you decided, if you notice that you can not cut it out, you have lost millions of yen or now you have no unreported loss
If you are sending a heart that is not here here in heart, it might be a good idea to think about modifying the trade style once.

Water resources dispute

In the 20th century, there were conflicts among many countries and ethnic groups surrounding oil, but it is said that in the 21st century conflict over water will become serious
Fortunately Japan is an island country, all rivers flowing through the country can be used by Japanese citizens.
However, looking at the world, it is not so simple that many countries use one river flowing through the continent across the country.
Although these rivers are called international rivers, in fact, nearly 60% of the world population lives in the catchment area of ​​this international river, and in order to gain the benefits of its water resources
Daily tribal conflict breaks out among the nations among the nations.

It is the explosion of the world population that is spurring the problem.
In 2000, the population who was 6 billion people reached 7 billion people in 2011.
It is estimated that it will reach 8.3 billion people in 2025 or 10 billion people by 2100.

Currently, water shortage is a life and death problem for people living in relatively poor countries such as Asia and Africa.
Approximately 1.2 billion people have not secured safe drinking water, and they have announced 500 to 10 million deaths annually.

From the blessed sense of Japanese people it is easy to think that it is anywhere such as water.
Actually water covers three quarters of the Earth’s surface area.
Of course, even though seawater can not be drunk as it is, it should be coped with the rest.
However, the amount of fresh water that human beings can drink, except seawater, is only 2.5% of the total water amount.
Also, most of 2.5% of them are ice at the Antarctic North Pole and can not be used.
After all, fresh water which can be used and used is only 0.01% of the total water amount.
Because all humankind is trying to use this tiny water, it will be serious.
Unfortunately, the existence of regional disparities in this water resource is also a factor in spurring conflict conflict.

Fishing industry in Japan

The fishing industry once used as a core industry is now in a state of considerable crisis.
Ocean fishery, both offshore fishery and coastal fishery, both of which have taken over too much, so there is no fish in the ocean.
Although handling fish farming, originally cost is high, business efficiency is bad.
And the unprecedented great earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011 will make the damage even more extensive.
Damage to facilities, dripping of water containing radioactive material into the sea, and volume of rubble in the ocean.
Even if fish are caught, the movements of consumers trying to avoid fish that may have contained radioactive substances in the body are also pressing down on sales.
Probably if you follow the old way to revive the fishery it will not be very effective.

It seems that new restructuring moves are emerging in this sluggish Japanese fishing industry.
In other words, the opening of fishery rights.
Until now, the coastal fishing rights were given to the fishermen’s cooperative preferentially by the fish fishing method.
The fishery businessmen who joined the fishermen’s cooperative were able to exercise the right allocated by the fishermen’s cooperative and obtain fish exclusively.
However, the serious damage caused by the earthquake disaster, and the reality that the fishermen are aging across the board has been reliant on one section
I have exposed the weakness.
Therefore, the idea of ​​pushing up the Japanese fishery comprehensively by introducing a private wind into this closed privilege has emerged.
Movement aimed at fusion of private management know-how and skillful skilled worker of fishermen rather than competition.

But there are not a few opposition.
“Thinking of a private company is a priority to profit, and such thinking is not suitable for fishery”
“Although opening up fishery rights even with just a little less earnings will further accelerate the destruction of fishery owners”

It seems useless if the fishermen’s and private companies compete with each other in a composition of conflict
Good relationships that mutually cooperate in win Winin, its construction is the only thing
I think that new creation will be made a step ahead of this disgusting revelation after the earthquake, but what will happen?

economic indicator

There is an American economic indicator as one that occupies an important position in fundamental analysis.
Although there is a feeling that it is gradually narrowing its presence now, still long as a hegemon nation to the world market
America’s achievements, which had continued to have a tremendous impact, will not decline yet, and both economic indicators are judged mainly from the US trends.
Here, I would like to introduce the most important indicators among them.

· ISM Manufacturing Industry Business Condition Index
Presentation date: First business day of next month Japan time 24:00
What kind of changes occurred in new orders, production, employment, arrival delays and stocks compared to the previous month for 300 picked up manufacturing staff
In the questionnaire survey, we will select from three limits “increase, same, decrease”.
If it exceeds 50 in percentage, it will be judged as an economic upward phase, below 50 it will be judged as recession phase.
It is a high-profile index as a leading indicator of the economy in the current month than being announced ahead of any index.
The survey conducted for nonmanufacturers’ staff is called the ISM Non Manufacturing Industry Situation Index, which is also an important indicator.

· Employment Statistics
Presentation date: First Friday of the following month Japan time 22:30 minutes

For the investors who do some transactions in the market, this US employment statistics can be said to be an extremely important indicator.
US nationals spending most of GDP on personal consumption The employment situation is influenced by the trend of consumption and economy on a straight line.
Among the many categories such as unemployment rate and the number of employees in the manufacturing sector, among other things, the most important category is the number of non-agricultural employees.
It is aggregated based on payroll books for staff engaged in the non-agricultural sector.
If there is an increase or decrease in the number of employees on the scale of roughly 150,000 people, it will be greatly affecting market trends.

· Retail sales
Presentation date: around the 15th day of the next day Japan time 22:30
As in the employment statistics in the US, which consumes a lot of individuals, this greatly affects market trends
It is a retail sales index and is announced based on sales of department stores and others.
It is a quick indicator and it can be said that it is an accurate indicator to quickly judge the current situation.
However, in the US, sales of cars are large, and the extent to which the sales of cars were included in the figures that were announced
The point becomes important.
The numerical value of the index was good. But it was only a lot of cars sold, in fact, other
It is also often the result that consumption was getting cool.
In that case, it is judged that the size of the market other than the automobile industry is shrinking and it is a factor to sell the dollar.
Not only numerical values ​​on the surface, but also good indicators that will result in the foot being scooped if you do not pay attention to details as well

Zero Sum

This time about zero sum.
Looking at the definition of zero sum with wiki pedia
“In the situation where two or more people mutually influence each other, the sum of the gains will always be zero or say the situation.”

Horse racing and pachislot, and FX fall into this zero sum game.
It is a situation where someone is losing if someone gains, and the winners share the money of losers.
Although I started with FX, but I could not win easily, people who withdrew from the market will not be able to win, because after all FX is a money game with a zero sum aspect.
A novice trader who has neither knowledge nor experience in order to create a profit of an experienced trader with abundant knowledge has become a prey.
Beginners and general individual investors are also very difficult to overthrow this configuration if there is not much trade sense.
In short, probabilistically, the proposition that “FX beginner is defeated is natural” is established

Nevertheless, it does not mean that I will not steal a step into the world of FX with that.
Rather, in this age of ultra-low interest, I do not trust my own assets in deposits and savings, I think that I should take money investment wisely by participating in investment speculation.
But if you do get knowledge about FX, understand what the trade is and with a clear understanding and preparation
Trying to challenge the market world.
Unless you have such feelings, you will not be able to keep living in the world of FX.

By the way, for FX zero sum, shares are non-zero sum.
In the phase when stock prices are rising, worth of price increase × number of shares issued is created and everyone gets it.
On the other hand, in the situation where stock prices are falling, the opposite is true, everyone loses.
Both zero sum and non-zero sum Benefits There are various demerits,
If you step into the world of investment, discard the amenity,
“How can we win if we are likely to lose?”
Always keep it in mind and challenge is important.

Becquerel and Sievert

There is a word Becquerel and Sievert in units that came out frequently after 311 earthquake in Japan in 2012.
Is not this difficult to understand simply by watching the news that is reported differently?

Radioactive substances emitting radiation (such as alpha rays and gamma rays) are extremely unstable atoms and emit poor energy.
There are various kinds of radioactive substances such as iodine 131, cesium 137, plutonium and strontium 90, and so on
How much harm is absorbed by scientists who have been doubted that they are harmful to the human body?
I thought to show it in a clear unit, and it was devised as a unit called Becquerel and Sievert.

Bequerel is used as a unit of radioactivity.
I would like to objectively show how much radioactive material has the ability to emit radiation with that numerical value.
However, how much radiation affects each target individually varies widely.
The degree to which the rat is exposed, the degree to which the dog is exposed, and the degree to which the human beings are exposed will change even with the same Becquerel amount.
So we decided the unit to indicate the amount of radiation that people would absorb, but it is a unit called Sievert.
To put it in order, is it similar to the size of drunk and the drunkenness it exerts?
The amount of alcohol in alcohol is Becurel, how much drunkenness is exerted when ingesting that alcohol is Sievert.
It might be easy to understand if you think like this.

By the way, both Becquerel and Siebert were taken from the name of the scientist who gave credit in radiation research,
Becquerel derives from Henri Vekrel in France and Siebel derives from Rolf Maximilian Sievert

Capital punishment

It may be said that the capital punishment system, as its worldwide trend, is moving towards abolition.
Currently, only 58 countries maintaining the death penalty system in Japan, China, and the United States are still at present, many countries
The abolition or freezing of the capital punishment system was implemented.
The abolished country seems to climb as much as four times as much as 20 years ago.

In these trends, it is characteristic that there are many opinions that Japan approves of the death penalty system relatively.
Even in the public opinion survey of the large Cabinet Office in 2009, only 5.7% of respondents replied that “the death penalty system is not permitted in any case”
It is much lower than 85.6% of those who responded “In some cases it is unavoidable”.
The opposite of the opposition is this.
Whatever the case caused the incident, the state should pretend its power and take away the precious life of one person.
But for such abolitionists, Japanese national sentiment is sympathetic to bereaved families.
The sin who killed any innocent man, sometimes overruling precious life by cruel means can only compensate with death.
The death penalty is reasonable when thinking about the emotion of the bereaved family.

The death penalty is carried out by the Minister of Justice signing the order form.
It is remembrance to the memory that the LDP’s former Minister of Justice Kunio Hatoyama carried out the death penalty of 13 people at that time and left a tremendous impact on the world.
In the case of Mr. Keiko Chiba, former Minister of Justice Minister of the Democratic Party of Japan, he executed two death sentences to comply with the responsibilities of the Minister of Justice though he was an abolitionist of the death penalty.
However, no death penalty has been held even after that.
For that reason, it is said that the number of death row prisoners who have been sentenced to death but are in detention for a long time is climbing to the record high of 120 people.

Regarding the abolition of the capital punishment system, it will not be easy to decide which is better.
However, at least as the country where the capital punishment system is held, every system for its maintenance
I am personally feeling that it may not be functioning properly or that fraternities may start to appear in various parts.